“The View From Jackie’s Head #10”


The View From Jackie’s Head – #10

The Academy Award nominations have been announced and “La La Land” got a number of nominations. It was an okay movie but certainly not the movie of the decade as this number of nominations would indicate. Once again I will say I like musicals where the leads can actually sing and dance, rather than just act.

I also did not get the depth, charm, whatever of “Moonlight” or “Manchester By the Sea.” I am pleased with the nominations for “Hidden Figures” and “Hacksaw Ridge.” Those were both movies in my top ten list. Count me in also for being pleased by Mel Gibson’s nomination as Best Director for “Hacksaw Ridge.” I know people say he made racial and anti-semitic remarks and this should bar him from receiving awards, but I disagree.

I want the awards to be based on the talent of the people involved. I felt that way when Jane Fonda was at her highest peak of unpopularity for her political views. I felt that way when Vanessa Redgrave was giving political rants in support of Palestine. It is about the talent.

This leads me to my thoughts on #oscarssowhite. People have alleged the Academy Awards have been handed out to too many white people for too many years. Thus this year is a correction of that practice. But in my mind that undermines the validity of an Oscar nomination for Denzel Washington, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, etc. I don’t think they were nominated based on the color of their skin, but for the magnitude of their talent. And I don’t think these actors would want to be handed an award on a racial basis either.

Talent is talent. It has no color. It is just there. When Whoopi Goldberg ran away with the movie “Ghost” she deserved her Oscar. When Halle Berry got all dramatic on us in “Monster’s Ball” she earned her Best Actress trophy fairly. Denzel earned his; Sidney Poitier earned his. I would be happy if Denzel and Viola both won awards this year. They tore up the screen with their talent on display in “Fences.” My big gripe about the nominations this year, is where’s Taraji P Henson’s name for “Hidden Figures”?

To lighten things up a bit, let me state how happy I am that both “Suits” and “Face Off” have returned for new seasons. These are two of my favorite shows. “Suits” is a legal drama that stars Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams. I haven’t seen either of these guys in any other role of import but they have solid careers thanks to this show. When they are both on screen in some sort of legal debate the dialogue sparks. And when you throw in Rick Hoffman’s character Louis Litt it is all fantastic!

For you folks who follow entertainment news, Meghan Markle who plays Rachel is Prince Harry’s new love interest. I am all for Harry finding true love but he better be alright with her continuing in her role on this show. They had also better keep Sarah Rafferty who plays the irrepressible Donna.

“Face Off’ is a competition show with makeup artists as the contestants. I know zip about what makeup artists do but this show fascinates me, and it is one of my wife’s favorites too. We eagerly await its return each year. I don’t watch “Survivor” or “The Great Race” though I know people love those shows. For me it is “Face Off” and you ought to try it. It is on the Sci Fi channel.

Now let me close with a word about Mary Tyler Moore. These days the networks don’t even try to schedule anything good on Saturday nights. But back in the day this was the night when “Mary Tyler Moore” reigned supreme. No matter what your weekend plans were, you didn’t want to miss her show because it was so well written, so well acted, and there was the luminous Mary. She was someone who was so down to earth you could actually imagine dating her. She was also your sister or your best friend. She was just good ole Mary. She made you laugh, made you cry, made you love her. I now want to go back and watch every Mary Tyler Moore show I can find. I also want to see “Ordinary People” one more time.


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