The View From Jackie’s Head – 9/6/16

The View From Jackie’s Head – 9/6/16

For someone like me it is never too early to start checking out what is happening at the movies this upcoming weekend. And believe me this weekend brings us a bonanza of films. There are five movies I want to see – (1) Sully (2) The Disappointments Room (3) The Wild Life (4) When the Bough Breaks (5) Hell Or High Water.

“Sully” of course is the BIG movie of the weekend. It has the perfect actor, Tom Hanks; the perfect director, Clint Eastwood; and the perfect storyline about a truly heroic man who did a truly heroic deed when he landed his plane in/on the Hudson River. Sully Sullenberger was the pilot of the disabled plane that had one hundred and fifty five passengers on board. Landing the plane was just one part of the story. This movie shows you the event and the aftermath.

“The Disappointments Room” is this week’s horror movie. It has three things going for it, in my opinion. It stars Kate Beckinsale; it co-stars Georgia’s own Lucas Till; and it is based on true events. I am always able to better accept this kind of movie when it is based on “true events.” I am a big Beckinsale fan. I interviewed her when she starred in “Pearl Harbor”, remember that one? She was pretty and polite and spoke with a British accent which surprised me because I thought she was American. Lucas Till will be the new “MacGyver” on TV this fall and he is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising young stars.

“The Wild Life” is an animated movie with a Robinson Crusoe theme. I have to admit the trailer for this one left me cold. After “Sausage Party” I am about animated out. The only animated movie I am looking forward to is “Sing” at Christmas.

I did like the trailer for “When the Bough Breaks.” It seems this is a movie about a couple who desperately want a baby. When they are unable to do so naturally they opt for a surrogate. Things go from bad to worse when the surrogate tries to seduce the husband. Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall play the couple and Jaz Sinclair is the surrogate. I am a big Regina Hall fan so I am looking forward to seeing the movie just for her. Plus the plot seems to be interesting.

“Hell Or High Water” has been out for a couple of weeks but has been in limited release. It is a movie that is getting some of the best reviews out there. Chris Pine and Ben Foster play two brothers down on their luck and about to lose the family farm. To save it they take up bank robbing which gets lawman Jeff Bridges attention. These are three really good actors and though the plot is not a fresh one, this movie seems to give it a slightly unique take.

While waiting for the weekend to come you can spend your time with “The Light Between Oceans” which was the best film released this past weekend.

Happy movie-ing!

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