I SEE YOU by Claire Mackintosh

For readers who loved THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, now comes another thriller about women in jeopardy. This new novel is titled I SEE YOU and it is written by Claire Mackintosh. Ithis story concerns women who maintain a scheduled way of life with routine being a prominent factor. This practice of observing a routine makes them vulnerable to being stalked and in some instances being killed.

Zoe Walker is a divorced mother of two adult children who works in an office. She walks to the subway station the same way each day, gets on the train and sits in generally the same area. She loves her routine and feels comfortable and safe in her journey to and from work. She feels that way until the moment she sees her picture in an ad in the local paper. As it turns out this ad has placed her in the position of being stalked.

Kelly Swift is the police officer Zoe contacts, and she is virtually the only person in law enforcement who takes Zoe’s fears seriously. She and Zoe work together and eventually find a connection between pictures of other women who have appeared in these ads and several crimes that have been committed against these women. It seems Zoe was not being paranoid at all.

Mackintosh manages to keep the suspense level high from beginning to end.. One way she does this is by inserting a variety of people in Zoe’s path who might be the person causing her danger. Each of these characters is fully described and their position in the story is totally credible. No one seems forced into the story, and that takes skill.

When the ending arrived I was completely taken by surprise. I have read so many of this type of story I was sure I knew exactly who the villain was. Good for Mackintosh for keeping me in the dark and doing it with such careful planning that I accepted the ending totally.

Good thrillers always make for enjoyable reading but this one is even more chilling than usual because of the premise. How many of you are schedule followers and/or love routine? If you are one of those people then this novel will cause you to look over your shoulder constantly from now on.

I SEE YOU is published by Berkley Books. It contains 384 pages and sells for $26.00.

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