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Anna Fox. Dr. Anna Fox. Remember this name because she is going to become very important to you if you choose to read THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW by A J Finn. This is the book that is taking the nation by storm. Think you enjoyed GONE GIRL? What about THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN? Excellent stories but this new one puts them to shame. Once you get into the pages of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW you are not going to have time for anything else, so set aside enough hours to get it done and dive in.

Dr. Anna Fox lives alone in a multi-storied house in Harlem, New York. She is separated from her husband and daughter and spends her days watching old movies, taking meds and drinking wine, lots of wine. She doesn’t venture outside due to the fact she is agoraphobic and that makes her a prisoner of her own palace. Still she keeps up wth her neighbors thanks to her windows and her trusty camera with its zoom lens.

One day the view from her house reveals a murder taking place in the house across the park. Once this is perceived the tension in the story is on the rise. Yes, this does seem like a scene from Hitchcock’s “Rear Widow” but Finn takes that basic premise and puts it on speed drive. And where most tellers of this story would include a twist or two, Finn sees that ploy and raises the ante higher and higher. Readers end up not knowing who they can trust including the thoughts, views and visions of the lead character.

But plotting is not what makes this book so readable and enjoyable. That extra measure of delight is provided by the author’s knowledge of vocabulary and how it is used to enhance every scene and every setting. You are enchanted by the words Finn places before you and that remain even through the the most severe tensions of such a dramatic storyline.

Finn creates a debut novel that bodes well for whatever else is to follow. Such talent comes along once in a blue moon and we are fortunate to live during Finn’s time in order to enjoy it. You will love this book for so many reasons: (1) its breath-taking plot (2) its perfectly placed language (3) its study of mental health issues from so many angles (4) its slight ray of hope that refuses to die.

Grab this book and settle down in a warm, comfortable place. You are going to have a delicious time exploring this novel. It is truly one of the best books I have read in a long time.

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW is published by William Morrow. It contains 448 pages and sells for $26.99.

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Jackie Cooper

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