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Say It Again “Bosch” Is Back and Better Than Ever


“Bosch” (Amazon Prime)

I said it last year and I will say it this year, “Bosch” is back and better than ever. Yes Michael Connelly’s fictional homicide detective is back for Season 3 on Amazon Prime and the caliber of the series has not diminished at all. The writing, acting and directing of the show are still at high levels across the board. And on top of this entertainment mountain is Titus Welliver. If ever there was a match of role and talent it is in this matchup.

Titus Welliver does not play a character named Harry Bosch; Titus Welliver becomes the character known as Harry Bosch. He has the look, the sound, the demeanor of Harry and the essence of the character just permeates the man down into his soul. In the first two seasons I admired the way Welliver played Bosch. Watching this season I just accepted he is Bosch.

This “Welliver is Bosch” situation enhances every other aspect of the show. Jamie Hector IS Jerry Edgar, Bosch’s long suffering partner. Amy Aquino IS Grace Billets. Most importantly Madison Lintz IS Maddie, Harry’s daughter. They all come into the Welliver/Bosch world and become absorbed by these roles.

In Season 3 Harry is working on several cases, all of which hold your attention. Still it is the personal moments that gild the lily. We see even more depth in the relationship between Maddie and Harry. It is a true father/daughter setting where each person is trying to reach the other. Maddie is becoming more mature and Harry is realizing what being a father entails. Sometimes it is one step forward two steps back but it is a relationship showing growth.

Plus, this time out we get more glimpses into Jerry’s life. We see how complicated his life is with his ex, LaTonya (Ingrid Rogers) and their two sons. We see how he struggles to remain a part of his boys’ lives and we also understand why LaTonya can’t be a part of his life. It is this kind of personal view that makes the entire series so effective.

Lance Reddick must be mentioned for his role of Irvin Irving, Harry’s upper level boss. When this season opens he is still recovering from the death of his only child. Irving appears to be stoic but Reddick allows the audience to see the cracks in this facade. He is recovering, but very, very slowly.

There are ten episodes in this season of “Bosch” and you can binge on them to your heart’s content. My recommendation, however, is you take it slow. Every moment is a moment to savor, like a delicious Thanksgiving meal. You better enjoy it while eating it because it will be a year before you get this kind of meal again.

“Bosch” is available on Amazon Prime now.

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