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“Longmire (Netflix)

The fourth season of “Longmire” is now available for streaming/viewing on Netflix and it is well worth your time to watch the ten new episodes. This contemporary western drama’s first three seasons were seen on A&E but Netflix has now picked up the show ands hopefully will bring us many more new seasons.

The great thing about having the entire season available on Netflix is you can watch it as little or as much at a time as you wish. When a show is as entertaining as this one is, it becomes like potato chips and you can’t watch just one. You will probably want to devour the entire bag (series) as quickly as you can.

On Netflix the look of the show this season appears to be brighter, not in content but in look. The colors are richer, the scenery more defined. The content however is still dark as Sheriff Longmire (Robert Taylor) and his group of deputies goes through one traumatic event after another. Still there is some sunshine at the end of the tunnel as Walt Longmire does find a new love interest. This may not sit too well with Deputy Vic Moretti (Katie Sackhoff) but it is time Walt got past the grieving stage for his deceased wife.

The show immediately solves the identity of Walt’s wife’s killer and also reveals the outcome of the conflict between Deputy Branch Connelly (Bailey Chase) and his father (Gerald McCraney). Plus there are new situations involving Walt’s daughter Cady (Cassidy Freeman) as well as Walt’s best friend Henry Running Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips).

There has been no drop in quality occasioned by this move from A&E. The plots are just as tight, the acting just as skilled, the entertainment value just as high. Taylor continues to make Longmire a unique hero, complex but ingratiating. The supporting cast is strong and each player gets his/her time to shine in a subplot.

If you have watched “Longmire” in the past you will want to get to these episodes immediately. If you have not watched it before then take a chance. This series is just different enough to separate it from all the other “debuts” showing up for your viewing pleasure. It is one of a kind and that is rare in what is being offered these days.

“Longmire” is a modern day western. That says it all. Now go eat some potato chips and watch the show.

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