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Hallmark’s “Home For Christmas Day” Puts Us in the Holiday Spirit – in July


”Home For Christmas Day” (The Hallmark Channel)

Here in the midst of a steaming summer it is a joy and relief to have a Christmas movie offered. That is exactly what the Hallmark Channel is doing by presenting “Home For Christmas Day” on July 16 at 9PM EST. What could be cooler than being able to watch a movie that takes place in December in a location that has plenty of snow. Plus the show itself is practically perfect in every way.

Catherine Bell leads the cast as Jane, a widow with a daughter who is a senior in high school. Jane’s husband Danny was a military man she met at an early age. She dropped out of college and became his wife. While Jane was pregnant with their daughter Betsy (Matreya Fedor), Danny was shipped out and died overseas. Jane has pretty much focused her life on Betsy and Betsy’s future.

Betsy has plans to go to veterinary school after graduation and her mother totally endorses this plan. Things get complicated however when she meets Tyler (Anthony Konechny), a young soldier from the nearby base. He is shipping out in two weeks but the young couple have an instant attraction to each other. Jane does not want her daughter’s plans for her future altered and she definitely does not want her involved with a soldier. Conflict arises.

This is not a complicated premise for a story but somehow the folks at Hallmark have gathered together an amazing cast and married it perfectly with the story. Bell is completely believable as the mother and her relationship with her daughter is also warmly real. The two talented actresses compliment each other’s performance. You understand Jane’s fear of losing control of her daughter’s future but you also equally relate to Betsy’s need to have some control over her own life.

Konechny is instantly likable as the young soldier and Victor Webster hits all the right notes as Jackson Hart, a good friend to Jane and also a possible love interest for her. Again the chemistry between the actors is what makes the story come to life.

In this age when Hollywood is churning out one adult comedy after another, it is nice to sit down and watch a movie that is not full of profanity or sexual innuendoes. The Hallmark Channel has a slot to fill in our viewing habits and “Home For Christmas Day” is a perfect example of their efforts. It is a well made, well acted, well thought out story that holds us attentive for a short while and then sends us back to our real lives feeling better about the world and humanity in general.

So take the time to watch “Home For Christmas Day.” It will allow you to escape the sweltering heat and relax in the Christmas chill of a movie simply meant to entertain. If you watch it for five minutes you will be locked in all the way. Christmas is a special time of the year and this movie transfers that specialness to July. Merry Christmas everybody!

“Home For Christmas Day” airs on the Hallmark Channel July 16 at 9PM/EST.

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