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JACKIE's Weekly Column

"There's Always A Reason"




"The Best Is Yet To Be" is a weekly installment
of Jackie's views of living in the South and how
it affects our mental, physical and spiritual lives.
It is a celebration of life and points out the positive
nature of the enjoyment the simple pleasures
of life offer. It is a rendering of thoughts that are
sad, funny, inspirational, and/or reflective.
The overall theme is that life just keeps getting
better and better.

Begin Again

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 Begin Again


  Alone Yet Not Alone

 How To Train Your Dragon 2

 A Night In Old Mexico

 A Million Ways To Die In the West


 The Other Woman

Heaven Is For Real

God's Not Dead


Cesar Chavez

Need For Speed

The Bag Man


3 Days To Kill


 About Last Night


Endless Love

That Awkward Moment

The Monuments Men

Labor Day

Wolf of Wall Street

I, Frankenstein

Devil's Due

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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Sister Act




Memory's Mist is the seventh, and newest, installment in Jackie Cooper's short stories about life growing up in the south.






Alone Yet Not Alone


PG-13 - Violence

A surprisingly good film that has a faith based theme

Begin Again


R -  Profanity

Knightley not only acts in this movie, she also sings – and so does everything about the film



PG-Adult Situations

Beautifully acted & presented story of an 18th century mixed race woman who excels in life


PG-13 - Profanity & Adult Situations

Sandler and Barrymore blend their talents in this warm-hearted comedy



 R -  Profanity & Adult Situations

Jon Favreau is super in this father son film about a bonding trip in a food truck

Earth To Echo


PG-Mild Violence

Okay family film but it sure does rip off “E.T.”

Edge of Tomorrow


R - Profanity, Nudity, Violence & Sexual Situations

Cruise delivers in this “Groundhog Day” like sci-fi tale of a man who lives 1 day over & over

The Fault In Our Stars


PG-13  - Profanity & Adult Situations

Treacly tale of two cancer patients and how they live while dying

The Grand Seduction


PG-13 - Profanity & Adult Situations

Fishing village needs a doctor & the con begins

How To Train Your Dragon 2


PG- Comic violence

A rare sequel that is better than the original

Jersey Boys


R -  Profanity

Fascinating story behind the lives of Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons



PG- Violence

Angelina Jolie is a treat to watch in this story behind “Sleeping Beauty”

Million Dollar Arm


PG- Adult Situations

Family friendly movie about a man who brings two men from India to the USA for baseball

A Million Ways To Die In the West


R- Violence, Profanity & Crude Humor

Seth MacFarlane tried to outdo himself with dirty jokes in this flat, unfunny film

The Rover


R- Violence & Profanity

Muddled story of two men on a killing spree in Australia

Talk Like A Man Too


PG-13 - Profanity & Adult Situations

The gang from the original is back but this time Kevin Hart is the star



R- Profanity

Cover your ears Debbie Reynolds, this Tammy is fol-mouthed to the extreme

22 Jump Street 


R- Profanity & Violence

Kevin Costner turns on the charm in this action packed movie that also has an emotional core

Transformers: Age of Extinction


PG-13 - Profanity & Violence

Too long & too repetitious, plus the human story starring Wahlberg is meaningless

X-Men: Days of Future Past


PG-13 - Profanity & Violence

Most of the large cast has nothing to do, & the ones that do, do it poorly

Jackie's Rating Scale

Scale of 1 to 10

1 - Make them pay you to see it
2 - Take an enemy to see it
3 - Pick a comfortable seat so you can sleep through most of it
4 - Be alert for the good parts that are few and far between
5 - Not the best, not the worst, but right in the middle
6 - Unexpectedly good
7- Worth telling a friend about
8 - Renews your faith in moviemaking
9 - You'll want to stay put and see it twice
10-You'll come out with stars in your eyes



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